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Christy Gilbert


I liked how they were quite punctual and professional with their services. Came at the promised time and was quite careful with my car, from loading to unloading! I would definitely recommend Autohauls if you want your vehicle transported from one place to another.

Christy Gilbert


I usually don’t trust auto-transportation services because I keep thinking they’ll ruin my car on the way! However, working with Autohauls was quite refreshing! They transported both me and my wide’s car and even helped us with updates in between.

Christy Gilbert


I had an urgent batch of cars that I needed delivered to my store and I was looking for a transportation company that can handle these cars with care and transport them to my dealership as fast as possible. I shook hands with Autohauls and I was not disappointed. These guys are friendly, helpful, equipped and know what they are doing.

How do I book with an auto transport company?

Autohauls Auto Transport’s company makes transportation as easy as 1-2-3.

Our auto transporter steps

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Quote and Book Your Order

Step 2

Your Cargo Our Concern

Step 3

Safe Delivery

Reasons why you should book with one of the best
auto shipping companies

Get everything handled by professionals

Being one of the top-rated vehicle transport companies, we safely move your car from point A to point B. After availing of our services, you can keep your mind at ease as our professionals will deliver your car in the exact condition straight to your door.

Personalized Approach

Why choose our services when there are so many other options in the market? Autohauls work with you through the entire car or truck moving process and ensures that the shipping is done without any hassle. When you choose us, you don’t have to think about logistics as we are there to take complete responsibility.

Reliable Advisers

With a passion that can easily be seen in the eyes, our advisors ensure that you get the best vehicle transport service. They monitor your shipment 24×7 to make sure everything is going in the right direction.

The company you can rely on

Do you want to know why we are considered the best car transport service? Check the reviews of our company and see yourself the reasons for which we are highly appreciated that have helped us to become one of the best car shipping companies in our domain.

First work, then money

No need to rub your eyes. You read it right, no charges until your carrier is dispatched for your order. You can book with the best auto transport company without seeing the bill in the first place.

Insurance Coverage

Being one of the leading vehicle transport services, we include insurance coverage in the shipping route. The auto haulers must meet the insurance standards to become a part of our carrier network.

Numerous Auto Carriers

Our vehicle transport company has a wide network of haulers who are personally vetted auto shipping experts that ensures that your vehicle is transported by the reliable members of the industry. We treat your vehicle as our own.

Extended Hours

Our services are not restricted by any working hours. We are there for you 365 days a year and work for extended hours to provide the services that you truly deserve. We are always there to answer all your vehicle transportation questions and that makes us the first choice of every customer.

How much money do car transport companies charge?

The prices of an Auto Transport Company are set after considering the current market trends for nationwide auto transport. The prices will also depend on the type of car you want to move, where you want it to be delivered, its condition, the distance, modifications, and your choice of shipment (whether you want an enclosed or open trailer shipment).

Weight And Size Of The Vehicle

The vehicles that are heavier, taller or longer than the average ones require special accommodations by auto shipping companies, owing to which price may vary.

The Condition Of The Car

The cost of shipping inoperable vehicles is more as they need extra tools and labor for accommodating the cargo.

The Type Of Transport

The type of transport has a huge effect on the shipment price. Open transport is a more affordable option than an enclosed one.

The Shipping Distance

The longer the distance, the more will be the prices. The distance may increase the overall expense but lowers the cost per mile.


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Frequently asked questions

Can the personal items be kept in the car?

Yes, you can put personal items up to 100 lbs. in a single piece of luggage that will be in the trunk of the car during transport.

Is my vehicle insured during transport?

Yes, your vehicle will be covered by the carrier’s cargo insurance. Additionally, we have our own contingent cargo insurance, which protects you for up to $250,000 should the truckers policy fail to fully cover a valid claim.

When is the vehicle going to be picked-up?

After an order is placed, we search our car carrier network to find a trucker to transport your vehicle. We will assign the best one available and give you an estimated pickup time. The trucker will call you to confirm the details ahead of schedule.

When will my vehicle be delivered?

When you place an order, you will receive an estimated transit time for your shipment. This will give you a window for when your car will be delivered. Transit times depend on moving distance. With each delivery being unique, it is possible that your car would be delivered faster than the estimated transit time provided.

Can I track my vehicle online?

Geolocation live tracking is not available at this time, by stay tuned as we are working on that. Please feel free to

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